Sports Challenge Network (SCN) is an innovative marketing company that leverages its proprietary gaming platform to bring new levels of engagement and revenue potential to the entire bowling industry.

Our Brand
Whether you bowl every year, every month or every week, SCN helps everyone CONNECT, PLAY and WIN.
The Proprietor
By giving bowling centers their own branded mobile platform (Private Label Services), we increase engagement, loyalty, visits and increase their revenue potential. As experts in branding, social media and customer acquisition, SCN brings world-class marketing services capabilities to centers in ways that are more efficient, scalable and powerful for them than having to manage those tasks themselves.
The Industry
SCN also manages the official app of the bowling industry (Go Bowling). From a center search to new to national coupons and discounts, Go Bowling gives everyone instant access to “all things bowling.”
The Bowler
And by giving bowling enthusiasts their own mobile platform (XBowling), millions of bowlers can compete against other bowlers around the world by entering daily and weekly challenges, winning prizes, tracking their scores and getting real-time stats and data. As experts in creating virtual tournaments, SCN makes it more fun, challenging and lucrative for bowlers. And by adding user generated contests and social links, bowlers earn ultimate bragging rights.

Executive Leadership


Timothy J. Minard

Founder, Chairman and CEO

With more than 24 years of global expertise in business leadership and innovation, Timothy J. Minard is the founder, chairman and CEO of Sports Challenge Network (SCN). An entrepreneur and technology visionary, he founded SCN out of the realization that while many sports-related applications and offerings exist, none were created as an integrated platform to increase the participation in and connection with the actual sport or game represented. With a proven track record for scaling high-growth, technology-driven ventures and achieving fundamental business milestones, Minard is responsible for establishing SCN’s strategic vision and business goals, as well as providing operational guidance. Minard has focused SCN’s first products on the bowling industry, one of the oldest, most participated sports in the world. He has installed his technology platform in 47 states and 9 countries. Minard’s vision and impact on the bowling industry has been astounding. It has awarded him with Bowling Center Management’s “Business Person of the Year”, an award that had not been given to any individual outside the bowling industry in over 100 years, as well as elected him to the industry’s Hall Of Fame prestigious Board of Trustees and a member of the elite proprietors MUBIG group.


Frank T.Y Jiang, Ph.D

VP of International Development

Frank is the VP of International Development of Sports Challenge Network Inc, and the formal co-founder of Mobile Sports Challenge Network LLC. Frank has rich and successful hands-on experiences of over 20 years in IT development, management consulting, investments, outsourcing, teaching and research across different industries of varying degrees of business sophistications. Frank had extensive startup experience, including co-founders of JBI LLC, BlueLeap LLC and Love.TV. Frank also orchestrates capital investments in real estate via REIT and private equity, and energy oil investments and operations. In addition, Frank has significant connections and experiences in business development in Asian markets. Dr. Jiang used to work as Sr. Research faculty in College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology. Frank had Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Master of Computer Science and Ph.D from Georgia Institute of Technology, and MBA from Emory University.